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ActiPod Smart Active Carrier is an intelligent temperature-controlled carrier for the last mile cold chain logistics of various biological medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, human cultures, and veterinary businesses.

Last Mile Cold Chain

  • The tried-and-tested technology of GPS gives live tracking and goes far beyond the dots. It helps you meet the goal of tracking accurate temperature and location at any point in time, thereby ensures completing your expectations.
  • The easy-to-use smart carrier doesn’t need much space for storage. You can easily keep it handy with zero infrastructure required.
  • Now cutting cargo costs is not a far-fetched deal. With our proactive approach, you garner more and lose less. With zero wastage, we ensure 15% cargo value savings.
  • It’s a more sustainable option that does not let the energy waste out. No energy runs out as you can charge it when you need it.
  • The less weight of ActiPod and overall box saves you a lot on freight charges.
  • A powered battery will not betray you in between. It lasts longer from 12-24 hours.
  • No need to look for options so quickly as this durable smart carrier vouches for lasting performance