ZedBlox’s ActiPod is a one-stop solution for the last mile transportation of temperature sensisitive vaccines.

Vaccines are sensitive biological products which in case of exposure to heat, sunlight or extreme cold climates undergo degradation reactions leading to loss of efficacy. Storage and handling errors, especially in the last mile, can cost thousands of dollars in wasted vaccine and revaccination. Errors can also result in the loss of patient confidence when repeat doses are required.

Vaccines need to be protected from exposure to heat and light not just during manufacturing and storage but at every link in the cold chain till its administration to the patient in order to trigger right immune response in patients. Vaccines can be damaged by exposure to temperature fluctuations (e.g., extreme heat or freezing temperatures). The temperature fluctuations can lead to adversely affecting various essential parameters of the vaccines like its potency and efficacy level

To overcome such complications and safeguard the health of millions of patients, it is a prime requirement for temperature regulated transportation and distribution of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products all the way till it is administered to patients. ZedBlox Actipod is a one stop solution for last mile transportation of those products which require continuous temperature regulation.