The Smart Carrier Box

ZedBlox ActiPod™

“Revolutionize global health goals with our intelligent portable carrier box, ensuring safe and uninterrupted transport of temperature-sensitive medical supplies such as vaccines. “


An Advanced Portable Cold Chain Vaccine Carrier Box

Introducing the ZedBlox ActiPod – the world’s first portable smart vaccine carrier box, specifically designed to manage the cold chain logistics for temperature-sensitive healthcare products. With live data monitoring, our active cold chain carrier box is the solution designed specifically to tackle the challenges of the product’s safety and reliability.

Advanced Technology For Dynamic Temperature Control

ActiPod, provides a reliable solution for storing your temperature sensitive products at the ideal temperature, regardless of the external climate or weather conditions. By setting the desired temperature range between -10C and +25C, ActiPod will automatically select the appropriate cooling or heating method to regulate the temperature, ensuring that your temperature-sensitive healthcare products are always kept at the optimum temperature. ActiPod is designed with cutting edge technology that continuously monitors external weather conditions and adjusts the temperature as required, providing the most effective temperature control solution for the healthcare industry.

Real-Time Temperature & GPS Tracking

ZedBlox ActiPod uses cellular data networks to collect real-time data about temperature, location, and other factors that can affect temperature fluctuations during transportation. This data includes information from sensors that monitor temperature control mechanisms, battery usage, and discharge levels. The collected data is then processed by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to determine if any actions are required to ensure safe transportation of your products to their destination. With ActiPod, you always know where and how your products are, using live monitoring of geo-location and temperature through your mobile or browser. With this live tracking system, rest can be assured that your products are being monitored at all times and kept at the perfect temperature, enabling you to transport them worry-free.

AI Powered Monitoring

ZedBlox Actipod utilizes advanced AI-powered technology for intelligent monitoring. The device comes equipped with intelligent electronics that integrate temperature control and telecommunications, while embedded software optimizes compressor usage and battery life using temperature sensors to regulate ambient and cargo temperatures. The device also incorporates an AI-enabled cloud platform that can manage thousands of devices, providing automated analytics for end user reporting and alerting for anomalies. This intelligent monitoring technology ensures that your cargo stays at the optimal temperature during transportation.

Battery Powered

ZedBlox ActiPod incorporates energy-saving technology and a high-capacity 21Ah Li-ion battery, providing up to 24 hours of use with just 4.5 hours of charging. With a better lifespan than the traditional carriers, these batteries can withstand numerous deep charging and discharging cycles, ensuring optimal efficiency and longevity for our customers.

Robust, Lightweight Design

ZedBlox ActiPod, available in two capacity variants – 4 litres and 15 litres, boasts a robust yet lightweight design, with an all-weather thermoplastic body and water-resistant nylon belt that provides comfortable carrying. Its cushioned rubber legs ( 4L ) offer protection from accidental outdoor drops, while its stackable design optimizes space savings. Additionally, the water-tolerant construction makes it a highly convenient outdoor carrier.


ZedBlox ActiPod adheres to the guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government for the safe storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive health products such as vaccines. It has undergone rigorous biological safety validation at CCMB, a top-tier research institute under the Government of India (GOI).The device is tested thoroughly by NABL certified labs which ensures that ActiPod meets the highest standards of safety and reliability for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products.


ZedBlox ActiPod is a durable and long-lasting reusable Cold Chain Carrier designed for optimal performance over a lifespan of up to 5 years.

Product Variants

Technical Details

CapacityTwo variants, 4 liters and 15 liters
BodyRugged plastic ABS
Carrier weight (empty)4 liters variant – 6 Kgs, 15 liters variant – 8 Kgs
TemperatureAny setting between -10 to +25 C
Battery12 to 24 hrs (accessory for life upto 48 hours), Charging time – 4 hours
ConnectivityCellular data to ZedBlox cloud server
SensorsMedical grade temperature sensors – 2, GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Cloud serverAdvanced Al based carrier health monitoring, mobile alerts, analytical reports, integration API’s
Accessories (Optional)Belt Harness, Power Bank


Unique Features of ZedBlox ActiPod: What Sets It Apart?

Active Climate Control for Temperature Stability in Any Climate.

No freezing ice/gel packs that requires extra infrastructure.

Proactive Self-Monitoring to Detect and Address Issues in Advance.

GPS Tracking for Added Security and Asset Management.


Long-lasting battery for uninterrupted all-day operation.

Easy to use, just put vaccines and go

Lightweight Design to Improve Efficiency and Portability.

Reusable for upto 5 years.


Revolutionize Your Healthcare Logistics: Exploring the Multifaceted Applications

ZedBlox ActiPod is a game-changing technology that revolutionizes the way we transport temperature-sensitive medical products, from organs and tissues to preventive treatments like vaccines. With its intelligent design and cutting-edge technology, the Smart Active Cold Chain Carrier is a versatile solution for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Tailored medicine, such as cellular or gene therapy, where maintaining precise temperatures is critical for success.
  • In-vitro fertilization, where hormone injections and male reproductive fluid need to be transported with care.
  • Orthopedic treatments that require autologous cell treatments and injections, as well as other biological samples like cell cultures, live microbes, proteins, and enzymes.
  • Diagnostics samples, which are transported from the patient to centralized labs with the utmost care and temperature control.
  • Ophthalmology treatments that involve transporting donated corneas and medicines with extreme temperature sensitivity.
  • Preventive treatments, including vaccines, where maintaining temperatures between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius is crucial for their efficacy.
  • Other temperature-sensitive medical products like injections, eye/ear drops, insulins, antibiotic liquids, oncology treatment items, and certain creams that require consistent and precise temperature control.


ZedBlox ActiPod ensures the safe and reliable transport of all these products, providing peace of mind to healthcare professionals and patients alike. Upgrade your logistics with our new Smart Active Cold Chain Carrier  and experience a new level of efficiency and reliability.


ZedBlox ActiPod uses digital sensors to record data which is used by intelligent electronics to decide the right levels of operation of temperature control mechanisms in order to maintain the desired temperature of the cargo. The device also sends various data to the cloud system which leverages artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies to analyze the data, generate analytics for users to understand what is going on, diagnose issues and generate alerts.

ZedBlox ActiPod uses cellular data network to data regarding temperature, live location and other information from the sensors about various parameters which might cause a temperature fluctuation such as the status of the lid, telemetry about temperature control mechanism, battery information and the amount of battery discharge. This information serves as an input for the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms running in the server which ultimately take the decision if any action is required thus enabling a worry free transport of the user’s product till its destination.

Yes. ZedBlox ActiPod can be charged with or without the product inside.

ZedBlox ActiPod comes with two options of charging

1. The charging cable for the electrical supply output.

2. A charging cable which you can plug into your car.

ZedBlox provides 1 year of warranty for ActiPod. After the warranty period, AMC options will be available. Cloud data subscription is free for the first year and is chargeable along with AMC from 2nd year onwards.

ZedBlox ActiPod needs to have access to cellular data connection in order to send the data. If you are unable to see the data on the cloud server, this is the main reason. Don’t worry, your data is safe. As soon as ZedBlox ActiPod gets a cellular connection, it will send al the data buffered till that point so that no data is lost.

ZedBlox ActiPod uses cellular data connectivity to connect with the cloud.

ZedBlox ActiPod requires around 4 hours to fully charge and lasts for a minimum of 21 hours (longer in cooler temperatures).