ZedBlox’s ActiPod offers a solution for the last mile transportation of thermo-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical industry manufacturers and supply chain logistics face challenges to curate a secure protocol for high value temperature sensitive products like antibiotics, drugs, hormonal supplements, immunological proteins, injections, lipophilic suspensions and many more because there is a good chance of deterioration of the product due to improper temperature conditions during their transport.

The reason behind drugs getting damaged, could be delays in processing and transportation, packaging failure, or incorrect handling, cold air or hot breezes, cold and hot times of day, and intensity of sunlight. Under the cold-chain umbrella for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, the “refrigerated” category (2-8°C) is by far the largest category by value compared to deep frozen (-40 to -80°C) and cryogenic (requires liquid nitrogen; -160 to -180°C) category products. Last mile of the cold chain is the weakest link due to various factors including infrastructure and people skills.

To correct this weakest link for temperature regulated last mile transportation and distribution of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, ZedBlox Actipod is a one stop solution that ensures 100% safety and provides total transparency.