Zedblox receives top 5 best startups award at BioAsia 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our pioneering efforts in last-mile cold chain solutions have been recognized with the “Top 5 Best Startups” award at BioAsia 2024. This prestigious accolade highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare logistics, particularly in the critical area of temperature-controlled transportation.

Innovative Last-Mile Cold Chain Solutions

Our cutting-edge temperature-controlled smart carriers have redefined the last-mile cold chain, addressing the challenges of maintaining precise temperature conditions during transportation. By harnessing advanced technology and thermal management systems, we ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive medical supplies, such as vaccines and biologics, until they reach their final destination.

Recognition at BioAsia 2024

The “Top 5 Best Startups” award at BioAsia 2024 is a testament to our innovative approach and potential to transform the healthcare logistics landscape. We are honored to be recognized among our peers for our dedication to excellence and our commitment to improving patient care through superior cold chain management.

We are proud to share that Mr. Rao Korupolu, our Co-Founder & CEO, had the distinct privilege of receiving the award from the esteemed Governor of Telangana, underscoring the significance of our contributions to healthcare innovation and logistics.

Empowering Healthcare Delivery

Our temperature-controlled smart carriers empower healthcare providers to deliver life-saving treatments and vaccines with confidence and efficiency. By ensuring the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive medical supplies during the last mile, we play a vital role in enhancing healthcare delivery, particularly in remote and under served areas where maintaining cold chain integrity is crucial.

Continued Innovation and Impact

As we celebrate this significant achievement, we remain dedicated to advancing the frontiers of healthcare logistics through innovation and collaboration. Our focus on continuous improvement and customer-centric solutions drives our mission to improve access to quality healthcare for all.

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