Zedblox receives top 5 best startups award at BioAsia 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our pioneering efforts in last-mile cold chain solutions have been recognized with the “Top 5 Best Startups” award at BioAsia 2024. This prestigious accolade highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare logistics, particularly in the critical area of temperature-controlled transportation. Innovative Last-Mile Cold Chain Solutions Our cutting-edge […]

Zedblox Actipod At Ayodhya Ram Mandir Portable Hospital

Ayodhya, India – January 20, 2024 In the midst of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir inaugural festivities,our pioneering temperature-controlled smart carrier emerged as a beacon of innovation, securing a pivotal role in the deployment of ‘Make In India’ portable hospitals under the Bhishm Project. CNN-News18 recently spotlighted our groundbreaking device, emphasizing its critical significance in ensuring […]

The Essential Solution for Safe Vaccine Storage

The Essential Solution for Safe Vaccine Storage

When it comes to vaccines, even a short period of time without power can lead to the spoiling of potentially life-saving doses. That’s why having a vaccine carrier on hand is essential for any medical facility that vaccinates patients! A vaccine carrier is a temperature-controlled box that can keep vaccines at the proper temperature for […]

The Vital Role of Vaccine Carrier Boxes: Explained


Understanding the contents of a vaccine provides the rationale for managing it according to specified recommendations. Vaccines are biological preparations that include proteins and, in some cases, live (though weakened) viruses. Vaccines usually include the following ingredients:  Antigens: Active components that cause an immunological response, whether live (though weakened) or inactivated. Vaccines boost the immune […]

Innovations in Vaccine Carrier Boxes for Improved Vaccine Distribution

Innovations in Vaccine Carrier Boxes for Improved Vaccine Distribution

Vaccines are considered as one of the most essential public health measures, saving millions of lives each year. Vaccines are responsible for the elimination of smallpox, and the world community is actively attempting to eradicate polio. High vaccine coverage rates are necessary to achieve current disease elimination and eradication objectives. An efficient cold chain is […]

Specialized Vaccine Carrier Boxes – Needs And Limitations

Specialized Vaccine Carrier Boxes - Needs and Limitations

Cold chain logistics is the process of transporting and storing temperature-sensitive goods, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive products, in a controlled environment to maintain their quality and integrity throughout the supply chain. It involves the use of specialized equipment and transportation methods, such as refrigerated trucks, containers, and warehouses, equipped with temperature-controlled environments. […]

Deciphering the Centerpieces of Pharmaceutical Industry

Deciphering the Centerpieces of Pharmaceutical Industry

Vaccine Carriers & Cold Boxes The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on temperature-sensitive products, such as vaccines, to ensure public health and safety. These products require strict temperature control throughout their entire supply chain, from manufacturing to final delivery. Maintaining a specific temperature range, known as the “cold chain,” is essential for ensuring the efficacy and […]

Keeping It Cool: The Life Saving Role of Cold Chain Logistics

The Life Saving Role of Cold Chain Logistics

In today’s world, the transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive goods have become more important than ever before. Its critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of temperature-sensitive products, reducing waste and improving sustainability, and responding to emergency situations is undeniable. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role of cold chain logistics in delivering […]

How temperature monitoring systems can solve Last Mile Cold Chain problems

The last-mile cold chain has always been a major logistical challenge for the healthcare sector. Especially when life-saving drugs and vaccines need to be delivered to remote locations. Over the years, passive carriers like ice boxes have been the go-to solution due to their portability and lightweight manner. With technological advancement, portable refrigerators have come […]